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SSO Administration

This article is useful for System Administrators and Project Managers implementing eSpatial and SSO.

Upload Tool

If you have eSpatial setup with SSO and you want to use eSpatial’s Upload Tool you will need to configure a user just for the upload tool in the manage groups and users. This user needs to be configured with a valid email address (upload notifications and errors will be sent to this email address) and this user needs to be given the SSO_CONFIG permission. 

Mobile Access

If you want to use the eSpatial mobile application and have implemented eSpatial with SSO, you can use the mobile app through your mobile device’s browser. 

Session timeout 

You IDP should manage your session timeout management. On some devices, such as mobile, this timeout period could be shorter than required by your organization. For security reasons the timeout for eSpatial Desktop and eSpatial Mobile is defaulted to 30 minutes. This can be extended up to 2 hours on desktop and 12 hours for mobile. This should be requested by the admin or primary user on your account through your CSM or through help@espatial.com