Advice and answers from the team

Getting Started

An introduction to eSpatial, covering a basic overview and logging in

Video Resources

Don't have time for training call? See our video resources for how to videos on the various features of eSpatial

Data (Preparing/Adding/Editing)

How to format, upload, edit and manage data

Radius, Drivetime and Measurement Tool

Creating an analysis from a point or over an entire dataset: Radius, Drive time, Nearest Neighbor and Measurement Tool

Heat Mapping and Summary Analysis Tool

Learn how to perform regional heatmaps, bubble maps and more

Territory Manager

How to use eSpatial Territory Manager


Customize your boundaries and pins with colors, icons, size, labels, and more

Data Table

Learn how to edit, manage and export records from your data table

Filtering Data

Different methods to filter data in your Maps


Use Routing to reduce travel costs, improve fuel efficiency, and increase the number of customers you can serve

Saving, Exporting and Sharing Maps

Find out how to export and share your maps and data with friends and colleagues around the world


How to delete datasets, maps, workspaces and users

Managing / Organizing your Maps (Library)

The Library is where you can find all your Workspaces, Maps, Territories, and Datasets

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Overview and configuration documentation for Single Sign-On with eSpatial

CRM & Data Integrations

Integrate eSpatial directly with Salesforce, Zoho Reports, or use other CRMs through our eSpatial Uploader Tool

eSpatial Mobile

Using eSpatial in the field on your mobile device

For Salesforce

Help articles on the setup of eSpatial in Salesforce

eSpatial Frequently Asked Questions

An FAQ section to address common questions about eSpatial

eSpatial Troubleshooting

Articles on various troubleshooting procedures for eSpatial