Editing and Deleting Custom Areas/Polygons

Edit and delete custom areas/polygons

Users can edit the shape of their custom area or delete it if is no longer required.

Edit Polygon

To edit the shape of a custom area:

  1. Click on the polygon to open the info window and click on the pencil icon to enable editing.
  2. The polygon is made up of interconnected data points and these will now be visible as small red circles along the polygon lines.
  3. Dark red circles are displayed at points in the line where the mouse was clicked during drawing. Hover over a dark red circle and you will be given the following options – Drag to move or Right Click to delete.
  4. Pale red circles are displayed at the midpoint between the dark red circles. Hover over a pale red circle and you will be given the following option – Drag to move, this will create another waypoint in the polygon.
  5. Click on the Save icon to save your edits.
  6. Click on the X to close the Info Window.

Deleting a Polygon

  1. Click on a polygon on the Map to open the Info window.
  2. Click on the Trashcan icon to delete the polygon. If you want to remove the entire dataset see Removing Datasets from your Map