Balancing Territories

Balance territories based on account values or number of accounts present in each territory.

Adding a balance to territories allows users to access if their territories are equally distributed to their sales teams based on overall territory sales values or contacts count.  

  • First ensure to add your dataset containing the values you want to balance your territories on to your map.  
  • Select the Hamburger Icon and choose Balances.  
  • The balance window will then appear. Users can choose to add a normal or weighted balance. A weighted balance allows you to create a combined value, an index or a metric that’s important to your business. 

Add a Balance

Add Balance:

  1. Select +Add Balance
  2. Add in the name of the balance.
  3. Select the dataset and column you wish to balance the territories on
  4. Select Complete
  5. A balance will now be added to the map and can be viewed within the territory panel
Adding A balance to a Map 25-01-2021

Add Weighted Balance:

A weighted balance allows you to create a balance attribute that is calculated on multiple values such as leads, opportunities and costs. For example you may value your leads at $50 dollars, opportunities $200 and existing accounts at $500. You can also use this calculated value with the Territory Optimizer to balance on the metrics that are key to your business. 

  1. To add a weighted balance, select + Add Weighted Balance  
  2. Add in the name of the weighted balance. 
  3. Select the dataset and the columns you wish to balance the territories on.  
  4. Insert the multiplier you wish to balance your criteria on 
  5. Select Done and then complete. 
    Adding A weighted balance to a Map 25-01-2021

    Managing Balances:

    • To switch between balances, select the balance drop down menu

    • The balance percentage in your territory panel displays a percentage of the average. For example, if you have balanced on historical revenue, a territory that is exactly the average will show as 100%. If the territory is 5% lower than average, it will show as 95%. This makes it much easier to spot outliers. 

    • When altering your territory, you will be able to view the impacts of these changes on your territory (these impacts are against the last saved version of your territory)