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Saving a Territory Alignment and Saving as a new Alignment

Saving territory alignments and creating versions of your alignment to keep historical changes or allow multiple editions of the same map

You can save your alignment or create a copy of your map using the Save button in your control panel.

Saving your Territory Alignment

  • Any unsaved changes on your alignment will be displayed by the attention icon on your save button

  • To save your map click on the Save button and then click Save

    Saving as a New Alignment

  • You can save a copy of your territory alignment by choosing the Save as new alignment option
  • This option can be used to create a copy of a Territory alignment that has been shared with you, or to create an alternate version of your alignment

  • This will open the Save as new alignment window. Enter your alignment name and then click on Done to save as a new alignment. 

  • eSpatial will then open your newly saved alignment