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Regional Heatmap

Regional Heatmap analysis will summarize and color the map by region, e.g. sales by state.

  1. To add RegionalHeatmap analysis to your map select the analyze option in the control panel and the click on the Regional Heatmap button in the Analyze Data window.
  2. Select the Point dataset and Region Dataset you wish to use from the dropdown or select Add Dataset to add a region dataset from the eSpatial Datastore tab.
  3. Select complete and your regional heatmap will be created.
  4. When you expand the table you will see your values aggregated by your region. Your point dataset will then also display what region it is located in.

  • Click on the Edit Analysis button on the Control Panel to edit the Heatmap.
  • Click on the Clear Analysis button on the Control Panel to clear the Heatmap analysis.
  • Click on the Save as button on the Control Panel to save as a Heatmap.