Map Management

How to create a new map in a new workspace, move a map to an existing workspace and create a blank map in your workspace.

Creating a New Blank Map your Current Workspace 

  • You can create a new blank map in your current workspace by selecting the save icon and then selecting New Map. 
  • You will then be redirected to your new map. 

Creating a New Map in a New Workspace. 

  • You can create a new blank map in a new workspace by selecting the Map tab and then clicking on new workspace

Moving a Map to a Different Workspace 

  • You can organise and move your maps to an existing workspace by selecting the Save button and then Move Map

  • This will open the move map window where a list of workspace in your library will visible. Select the workspace you want to move your map to and then select done. 

  • Your map will then be moved to your selected workspace.