Map Annotations

Add an overlay with text, images, videos, or links to your map.

You can easily add a Map annotation to your workspace. These annotations can include:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Video
  • Links

The annotation and the text can all be styled as you would like.

  • Click on the Map Annotations button and click on the Map where you would like to place the annotation.
  • The Map Annotations panel will open.
  • By default the name of the current map will be added as text.
  • You can resize the panel by clicking on the resize Icon in the bottom right.
  •  The Settings panel will open above the panel.


  • Click in the Map annotations Panel to add your text. You can also paste text from other sources.
  • Select a Font type from the Font Family dropdown.
  • Select a Font Size from the Font Size dropdown
  • Click on the Bold Icon to make your text bold.
  • Click on the Italics Icon to make your text italicized.
  • Click on the Font Color button to change the color of the font
  • Click on the Background Color button to change the text background color
  • Click on the Bullet List button to add a bulleted list
  • Click on the Numerical List to add a numbered list.
  • Click on the Increase indent button to increase the text indent
  • Click on the Decrease indent button to decrease the indent.


  • Click on the Panel fill button to change the background color of the panel.
  • Click on the Panel shadow button to add or remove a shadow to the panel.


  • Click on the Link button to add a link (URL).
  • The add link window will open.
  • Enter the URL (make sure you include http:// or https:// at the start)
  • Enter the text you would like displayed
  • Enter the Title
  • Select the target – None or New Window
  • Click on the Ok button to close the Link window.


  • Click on the Add image button to add an image.
  • The Add Image window will open
  • Upload a new image by clicking on the Upload image link
  • or select an image that you have already uploaded from the Image library
  • You can resize the image once its placed in the panel by clicking on a corner and dragging.
  • You can delete images from the Image library by hovering over it and clicking on the trashcan icon


  • Click on the Add Video button to add a video.
  • The Add Video window will open.
  • On the general tab enter the URL of the Video
  • You can also set the dimensions and choose to Constrain Proportions to keep the video from looking distorted
  • Click Ok once you are finished.
  • On the embed tab you can add code for embedding a video instead
  • Click Ok once you are finished.

Editing Map Annotations

You can edit any map annotations by hovering over them.

  • You can move the Annotation by clicking on the Move icon and dragging to a new location.
  • You can set the Annotation to be fixed to screen. This means it will stay where it is while you pan around the map.
  • You can set the Annotation to be fixed to the location. This means it will move while you pan the map.
  • You can edit all the elements on the Annotation by clicking on the edit button.
  • You can delete the Annotation by clicking on the trashcan Icon.