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Generating a HAR File

How to Generate a HAR file to troubleshoot eSpatial problems


Before generating a HAR file it is important to note that the recording process (Step 2) should start before you have started reproducing the error. The recording should not stop until after you have fully reproduced the steps to create and experience the issue you are reporting. 

To Generate a HAR File:

Open the browser (on the machine where the issue is being experienced) and Press F12 (or Fn key and F12 on a laptop) to open the Developer tools.

In here:

  1. Select the Network tab
  2. Check the Record button in the upper left corner of the Network tab is red; if it is grey click it once to start recording
  3. Check the box next to Preserve log
  4. Click the clear button (crossed out circle) to clear out any existing logs from the Network tab
  5. Go to the page in eSpatial where the issue is occurring.
  6. Try to reproduce the issue that you have been having, ensuring that the recording has been started and runs throughout the full reproduction of the issue.
  7. Once you have reproduced the issue, save the information in the Network area of the Developer tools as a Har file; right click anywhere on the grid of network requests select Save as HAR with Content
  8. Save the file to your computer and send it onto us via email to help@espatial.com