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Creating Optimized Account-Point Based Territories

How to create optimized account-point based territories using Account and Sales information

 NOTE: This is an Enterprise Feature, it is only available for users who have purchased our territory optimizer feature.  

The Territory Optimizer will help speed up the process to create balanced territories.  

To create optimized territory alignments: 

  1. Click on the Territories button in the Top Toolbar.
  2. From the drop-down select New Alignment. You can also edit your existing Territory Alignments from here.
  3. Select Points from File
  4. Select the csv or excel file you want to use to create your territory alignment
  5. Choose your location settings whether locating your data by address columns or latitude/longitude co-ordinates.

 NOTE: You can edit the columns used to locate your data by selecting change settings and manage location columns. 

New Territory Alignment - Account - Point Based
  1. You must then select the following:
    • If creating hierarchical territory alignments check to include hierarchy and select number of levels from the drop-down.
    • The territory identifier such as the territory owner of regional location.
  2. Select complete and your territories will be created
Point Based Territory - Select Columns to Create-1
  1. Select optimize alignment to open the territory optimizer window.
  2. First select the number of territories you wish to create. This number should be based on the number of sales reps you have.
  3. Next select a balance you wish to create your territories based on:
    • If you have not already created a balance, select add balance.
    • You will be prompted to create a balance from your account dataset, such as the account count or potential sales value.  
      • If you select account count this will create territories with an equal number of accounts in them.
      • If you select potential sales value this will create territories with equal sales values.
    • Select complete to be brought back to the territory optimizer window.
  4. Select complete and your territories will be equally divided based on your chosen balance.

Optimize Account-Point Based Territory Alignment