Create Territories Manually

Create Sales Territories Manually

Create Manually

You can create your territories manually by selecting boundary areas.

  1. Click on the Territories button in the Top Toolbar and from the drop-down select Create New and select Create Manually
  2. Select the Region dataset you wish to use from the drop down such as US states, counties or zip code tabulation areas etc.
  3. Select a points dataset you want to overlay on the territory (optional).
  4. If creating hierarchical territories select the number of levels from the drop-down
  5. Select Complete
  • To change the territory name simply click on it.
  • Select Add Territory to add another territory to your map.

Adding Areas to Territories

There are two ways to add regions to your territory.

1. The Plus Icons

  • Select your territory, hover over the area you wish to add and select the plus icon

2. Select Areas

  • Click on the Select Areas button beside the territory you wish to manage
  • Then left click on the map to start drawing your area 
  • Select the check icon to assign these areas to your territory (you can also double click to confirm the area). The x will cancel the area drawn.


Note: If you would like to reassign an area to another territory you must ensure the allow reassign is turned on.