Collaboration Hints and Tips

Within a team account you can collaborate with other members of the team on Workspaces, Datasets and Maps.


There are two ways you can collaborate with your team.


You can share Workspaces, Datasets and Maps with members of your team.

  • When sharing workspaces the workspace owner can choose to share some or all of the maps within that workspace
  • A shared map cannot be re-shared by the user it was shared with.
  • The workspace owner can Lock filters on a map that only he can remove. This is to restrict access to view and edit certain data to specific users.
  • Any edits to a shared map must be saved. There is autosave on Private maps only.
  • If Multiple users edit and save the same map only the last save will be applied. There is a warning that there is a more up to date version of the map.
  • If you share a Workspace but do not give the Can Edit Maps permission the user can still Save As a new workspace.