Add a visual chart in seconds to enhance your map

You can easily add a Chart to your map. You can choose form the following chart types:

  • Bar
  • Line
  • Pie
  • Horizontal Bar
  • Area
  • Scatter

Add a Chart

  • Click on the Add Chart button to open the Add Chart window.
  • Click on the Chart Type icons to select the type of chart you would like.
  • Click on the column header you want for the X axis.
  • Click on the column header you want for the Y axis. The column you choose for the Y axis must be an Integer column.
  • Click on the Swap icon to swap the chosen values for the axis.
  • Click on the Complete button to close this window and return to the map.

The Title and X and Y axis labels will be auto-completed based on your selections but you can overwrite these.

  • Use the arrows to scroll through the values (if needed).
  • Click on the Trashcan icon to remove the chart.