Zoho Reports Setup

Click on the add data button within eSpatial, and you will have the option to connect to Zoho Reports by clicking on the Zoho Reports Icon or selecting Zoho Reports from the drop down list


Normally, you will only have to enter the following details once. If you remove the tokens within Zoho, you will have to re-enter these details. 

  • The email address is the email address you use for your Zoho Reports account. 
  • To get the Zoho Auth Token, click on the "Get Zoho Auth Token" 
  • Copy the rest of the line  after "AUTHOKEN=" and enter that into the Zoho Auth Token field.


Once you have successfully entered these details correctly you will now be presented with a folder structure view of your Zoho Reports Databases and Reports

Once you have selected your Zoho Report, you can select the option to keep the report synchronized with eSpatial. Selecting this option will mean that the report is updated automatically at the same time on a daily or weekly basis. 


On the next screen you will be presented with the normal screen for uploading data. You will need to select the most suitable location columns, and which columns you wish to use for your data. You can find more information on these screens in these sections