eSpatial Upload Tool and FTP

You can connect your eSpatial account to files on an FTP server to keep your maps up to date

Using eSpatial's Upload Tool you can synchronize the files on your FTP server with eSpatial. A sample JSON file is included with the Upload Tool that includes the FTP Parameters. You include your eSpatial details, your FTP server details, along with a number of other parameters including the frequency that the Upload Tool checks the FTP server for details. 

To install the upload tool, you should follow the steps documented in this article - eSpatial Upload Tool Installation


You need to manually update the JSON file "esUpload-config.json" in the root folder of the Upload Tool installation. Below is a sample FTP configuration

  "auth": {
    "email": "",
    "password": "secret"
  "serverURL": "",
  "tasks": [
      "layerMetaId": 179995,
      "overwrite": true,
      "action": "DatasetUpdate",
      "location": "C:\\esUploadTool\\sync-dir",
      "serverAddress": "",
      "userId": "f108413.espatialftptest",
      "password": "secret",
      "remoteDirectory": "/webspace/test",
      "monitorFrequency": 1


  • auth: This is your eSpatial username and password
  • serverURL: This is eSpatial's server URL. You should use the string provided in the sample unless otherwise advised.
  • layerMetaId: This is the id of the dataset you wish to synchronize. You can find this value by finding the dataset in the library and clicking on the cog beside the dataset name.
  • overwrite: Set this to true if you want to overwrite the dataset. Set this to false if you want to append the data.
  • action: Leave this parameter as DatasetUpdate.
  • location: set this to the "sync-dir" folder of your Upload Tool installation.
  • serverAddress: FTP server address
  • userId: FTP username
  • password: FTP server password
  • remoteDirectory: The folder on the FTP server the Upload Tool will synchronize with the dataset
  • monitorFrequency: The duration in minutes between the Upload Tool polling the FTP server. e.g. The Upload Tool will check the FTP server every 60 minutes if this parameter is set to 60.