Embedded Map Parameters

Adding Parameters to Public and Embedded Maps

NOTE: This is an Enterprise Feature, it is only available for users who have purchased our Complete Solution Plan.

There are several optional parameters you can pass to public maps to customize their behavior.

1. Auto-select and zoom to specific feature(s) on a map

You can specify a criteria as a url-encoded parameter on your map to automatically select and zoom to a specific feature on the map. e.g.:

https://maps.esp.tl/maps/_Untitled-Map/pages/map.jsp?geoMapId=1218883&TENANT_ID=121652#criteria={"attr":"COMPANY","$type":"Equal","value":"Holt Insurance"}

You can read more about criteria entities here: https://help.espatial.com/api-entities.

If more than one feature matches the criteria then a filter is applied so that all features except for the selected features are hidden.

2. Collapsed Legend Control

Sometimes you may want to display a map with the legend control minimized by default. This may be useful, for example, with embedded maps in a small iframe where the legend obscures the map view. To do this pass lp=c url param like so:


3. Auto-refresh Map

If you are displaying a map which contains data that is frequently updated (via eSpatial's upload tool, Scheduled Updates or Salesforce Sync) you may want to automatically refresh the page. You can do this by passing the autoRefresh=[seconds] url parameter. For example:


This will auto-refresh the page every 60 seconds.