Appending Data

How to update your dataset by appending new records

Once you have uploaded data to eSpatial you may wish to add more data to that dataset. This can be useful where you have various regional datasets and want to create a master dataset.

Appending is suitable when you are adding new data that isn’t already on the datasheet. If the dataset that you are using to append to your existing dataset contains all of the existing data plus new records then you should our overwrite option.

  1. Click on Library in the Top Toolbar and select the Datasets tab.
  2. Click on the name of the dataset you want to update to open the Dataset Details window.
  3. Click on the Actions button and select Update.

  4. Select the dataset you want to use to append and the Append Data window will open.
  5. Ensure Append Data is selected and click on the Complete button to append the data.
  6. The Append Data window will open. You can see the progress of your upload and how your data was plotted. If there are differences in the two datasets such as a missing column you may get an error message.
  7. Click on the Return to Dataset button to go back to your dataset in the Library.